DOWTEC has organisation structure that is geared to carry-out the FRONT-END assessment and deliver the solution to the clients.

Our Managing Director ( Operation and Strategy ) has more than 15 years experience in Oil & Gas sector.

Our Managing Director ( Business & Products Development ) has over 30 years experience in water treatment and management.

Continuous R&D collaboration with leading university institutions and industries are key elements in evolving and sustaining DOWTEC

The 2009 Singapore International Water Week - our presence:
Our sincere and heart-felt thanks to all who visited our booth, share with our their experiences, their needs. We are indeed much honored to be able to share with all present, our products, services and technologies.
To all our clients, existing or potential, we trust that you have gained better insight of our field of specialty after your visit, we hope to see you again in next year exhibition

DOWTEC is continuously looking at ways of improving the clients’ profit margins by introducing better effluent treatment processes that deliver high yield - quality water for the purpose of discharging to the environment as well as for Water Flooding and Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects.
With most of existing oilfields entering the mature phase, oil companies are opting for secondary injection or tertiary EOR projects to extend life of the oilfields which translate to better Ultimate Recovery.
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